Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Watch Sarah Piccini's interview on Northeast Current about FRAMING FAITH


  1. This is wonderful! I've been doing the same sort of thing for the past few years in Nanticoke, particularly with my home parish. Fortunately, my parish church did not close but became the "Alternate Site" for the new parish.

    Everybody owns a digital camera these days. I wish they would realize that they have the ability to photographically document these vanishing places before they're gone!

    - Harold Jenkins, aka D.B. Echo

  2. Interesting interview……no wonder people today feel so disenfranchised from their own neighbors. The church did so much more than just bring people together in faith…..also shed some light on another issue. No wonder the priests themselves were seen as such idols & authority figures---I didn’t realize that they were often the only people in the community with the ability to read & write!