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Raising Little Saints review

Raising Little Saints
June 14, 2011

Catholic Book Blog Tour: Framing Faith by Sarah Piccini [Book Review]

by Erika Drain

The closing of our Parish back in Miami, brought great sadness to our family. It was a our home there, we had great family and friends there, history was made there...we exchanged out vows in our Sacrament of Matrimony, saw our second and third children be Baptized, many fond memories of this small and beautiful little church Near the Miami River in Florida. My only wish was that I had taken more pictures and spent more time with our Pastor asking questions about its rich history.

As I stop to think about Saint Robert Bellarmine's in Miami, I realize that our family is not alone. Across the US, there are many other families like ours, reminicing the closing of their home parishes due to restructuring of the different Diocese and of course, our horrible economy. Yes, sadly, we are not alone!

Which leaves you with this question, "How do you capture the richness of these parishes?" Author Sarah Piccini had an inovative idea, she documented the history of the people of 10 parishes in the Diocese of Scranton in Pennsylvania, then got together with photographer Ivana Pavelka & ARTS Engage and together they captured these ten beautiful parishes in a book entitled, Framing Faith: A Pictorial History of Communities of Faith.

Looking through this beautiful book, I can't help but feel like I've been taken back through time to parishes with not just the Catholic history that they embody, but also the history of many immigrants and their families. To see the pictures of the cornerstones and see the dates some as old as 1895, just facisnates me. Some written in Polish for those communities rich with these families starting to make roots in a new country. This book conveys to its reader, the positive impact that Catholic immigrants from Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, and Lithuania made to the Scranton Diocese. What an incredibly thoughtful and beautiful idea it was for these two very talented ladies to have created this lovely book!

It was truly a pleasure reviewing this book. I could not tell you which parish I liked the most because each one had such amazing stories or the place was just heavenly, that I could not pick just one. I might favor Sacred Heart in Mayfield, but I'm partial to anything and anyone with that title ;)
Stained Glass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Sacred Heart Church

Stations of the Cross,
Sacred Heart Church

Immaculate Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Sacred Heart Church

This book honors all of those parishioners and priests that served and loved and worshipped our Lord in beautiful parishes. I wish more authors and photographers would capture these unforgetable churches throughout the US, as these two lovely ladies have done so well in this great book. If you have ties to the Northern Pennsylvania area or just the fact that you love older traditional churches and their rich history, I recommend that you add Framing Faith to your Catholic library.

Hope you enjoyed this review!
Many Blessings,
Mama Erika

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