Monday, March 21, 2011


“A well researched and outstandingly illustrated work by author Sarah Piccini and photographer Ivana Pavelka and her students. It is a must for anyone interested in the religious, cultural, and ethnic history of Northeastern Pennsylvania."

-Michael D. De Michele, Professor of History, The University of Scranton

“The Anthracite Heritage Museum extends congratulations on the book Framing Faith. The museum, as part of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, is participating in the 2011 History Theme: Penn’s Legacy: Religious and Spiritual Diversity. The theme recognizes Pennsylvania’s rich history of religious freedom and spiritual expression. As part of the theme goals we are happy to engage our partners, and historical organizations such as the Lackawanna Historical Society, by encouraging exhibits, book talks and program. Thank you for your good local history work on this important theme.”

-Chester Kulesa, Site Administrator, Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum

Framing Faith was an amazing project for the ARTS Engage! students to participate in. ARTS Engage! is a program whose mission is to build social skills through the arts by allowing students to create work and work with professional artists. This project allowed students to develop photography skills by working with a high caliber artist such as Ivana Pavelka and the documentation of ethnic churches offered a unique place-based learning experience about our cultural history.”

-Maureen McGuigan, Deputy Director of Arts and Culture, Lackawanna County

"Beauty and light converge on the pages within. The spectacular churches of Northeastern Pennsylvania reflect the importance that immigrants placed, and continue to place, on the worship of God. Framing Faith captures the profound emphasis of a people and their often intimate conversation with their environment in a new land.”

-Dan Perry, Chief Operating Officer, Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority

“As a native son and priest of the Diocese of Scranton, I know full well the centrality and vibrancy of the extraordinary faith of the Catholics whose courageous and dedicated stories are told and preserved in this timely and important commentary. The magnificent edifices they built over the course of the last one hundred years are but further testimony to the faith they lived so well, shared so fully and in which they anchored and launched their noteworthy lives. May we never forget them or their rock solid values of faith, hope and love."

-Msgr. Joseph G. Quinn, J.D., J.C.L., Vice President, Fordham University

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